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One week September/One week October

*Moose permits by lottery – Application period is usually January to March and the application has to be received by the first of April. Permits are lottery drawn in late spring. For more information

*We recommend a rifle for this hunt.

*Maine Non-Resident License $88, plus $2 agent fee., plus there is  an additional fee if you receive a moose permit. Licenses can

be purchased in Patten on Sundays @ the smart tv box store.

*You will need a previous hunting license (any state) or a hunters  safety card when obtaining your license.

All fees are subject to change.

*$1,200 total per 2 hunters/per 6 day Guided Hunt w/$300 non-refundable deposit. $100 each additional person. Personal checks accepted for reservation deposit only. Balance Paid by Cash, Certified Check or Travelers Check Upon Arrival.  Lodging and guided hunt w/transportation (you furnish gas) field dressing and transporting to tagging station and daily cleaning service. We do not offer butchering services or walk-in freezer (prior arrangements will have to be made by you, but we can offer some suggestions prior to your arrival).  You may want to do some October bird hunting after you kill the big one. This area is also abundant with Ruffed grouse (partridge) and some pheasant

*$800 total per 2 hunters/per 7 nights 6 days Semiguided Hunt w/$200 nonrefundable deposit. Semi meaning an orientation of good hunting spots/tips. $100 each additional person.
Semiguided and Lodging.

“Meals are not served at Sportsman’s Edge. “

We use still hunting, riding in areas abundant with moose and calling to help draw a moose in.  We are in an ideal moose hunting location WMD 5 (5 miles North of Patten) and within a short distance of 3 more Wildlife Management Districts. WMD 10 is 4 miles away. The WMD 6 starts at Knowles Corner, which is about 12 miles from our camp. We are 2/10ths of a mile away from WMD 11.

For more information write to:
Maine Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife
Moose Application
284 State Street
Augusta, Maine 04333-0041
Telephone: 207-287-8000

Click Here for Online Application/Information

Maine Department of Fisheries & Wildlife  
Appropriate gear to bring:

*Remember to pack your personal needs, like towels, unscented soap, shampoo etc.
*During firearm season on moose a solid fluorescent orange hat is required.
*Hunting gear
*Warm clothing including gloves and
*Rain gear
*Leather & rubber boots
*Compass and/or GPS
*Matches in waterproof container

DID YOU KNOW: The average adult bull weighs 800 lbs. (dressed), but can exceed 1,000 lbs. and the average adult cow weighs 600 lbs. (dressed) during Maine’s fall hunting season. The length of a moose is approximately 9′ and shoulder height is about 6′. A prime bull has a front hoof width of about 5″, slightly under 4″ for a cow, and just under 3″ for a calf. A cow has a brown face and a bull has a black one. They both have “bells,” skin flaps found on the neck. A bulls antler spread can range from 55″ (good) to 65″ (excellent). Bulls obtain maximum antler development at age 5. Moose eat the leaves and twigs of woody plants. Pond weed and water lily are an important part of their diet. They also can be seen along roads using the salt runoff as an artificial salt lick. On the average bull moose live to be 7 and cows 8.