“Where we give our hunters the Sportsman’s Edge!”

Here are some “Points to Ponder” when planning your hunt at the Sportsman’s Edge:

“Meals are not served at Sportsman’s Edge. “

Remember to pack your personal needs like towels, washcloths, unscented soap, etc.
Please, no drugs nor alcoholic beverages while hunting.
Maine prohibits Sunday hunting but Sunday fishing is allowed.
It won’t hurt to bring along cleaning equipment and oil for your weapon of choice.
Use a bow, rifle or shotgun for small game.
Open Season on Coyote – use a bow or rifle.

All hunters should bring appropriate gear, such as:
Cellular phone if available (remember to turn off while hunting)
best tv box
Hunting gear
Warm clothing including gloves and hat
Rain gear
Leather & rubber boots
Matches in waterproof container

Bear hunters also should bring:
Dark or Camouflage clothing including gloves and hat
Camo makeup
Head net
Insect Repellent
Safety harness or strap