“Where we give our hunters the Sportsman’s Edge!”



»Maine Non-Res. License Fee $88, plus $2 agent fee, Bear Permit is $68. You will need a previous hunting license (any state) or a hunter safety card when obtaining your license.

»Licenses can be purchased in Patten on Sundays @ the Patten General Store or Get your License Online: Click internet tv box android

All fees are subject to change.


»$900 total per man/per 7 night/6 day hunt w/$200 non-refundable deposit. Deposit Deadline is June 30 (if deposit isn’t rec’d by that date the hunt is $1,000). Personal checks accepted for reservation deposit only.  Balance Paid by Cash, Certified Check or Travelers Check Upon Arrival. 

“Meals are not served at Sportsman’s Edge. “

Lodging and guided hunt w/transportation to/from the bear bait site, skinning/freezing and our daily cleaning service.

We start setting bear bait August 1st. The bear season in Maine runs September, October and November. We guide bear hunts during September using mainly baited stands and some natural feed. Bear eat many foods such as beechnuts, apples and berries. We place bait sites in close proximity to these areas so the bear can find our sites while roaming in their domain. “We currently hunt on leased and private land”. Each hunter has a 10-12′ tree stand with a bait site nearby. Coyotes often come to the bait site for food making them a bonus to any hunter who has already shot a bear. All bait sites are close to access roads making it possible to drive up within easy walking distance. Good hunting practices are very important to us.

Appropriate gear to bring: 

*Remember to pack your personal needs, like towels, unscented soap, shampoo etc.
*Cellular phone if available (remember to turn off    
  while hunting)
*Hunting gear
*Warm clothing including gloves and hat
*Rain gear
*Leather & rubber boots
*Compass and/or GPS
*Matches in waterproof container
*Dark or Camouflage clothing
*Camo makeup
*Insect Repellent
*Safety harness or strap if using tree stand
*Sitting Cushion


Bear are what you would call opportunists and are extremely intelligent. They are capable of surviving 30 years in the wild. They feed on a wide range of vegetation and animal matter. They store body fat during the fall months to supply energy during the long winter denning period where they can remain in their den for up to 6 months a year. Adult males average 250 – 600 lbs. and measure 5-6′ from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. Male bear reach their full adult size in Maine when they are between 4-6 years old. Females weigh in at 100 – 400 lbs. and measure 4-5′ in length. Males stand about 40″ tall at the shoulder and females seldom exceed 30″ tall. Female bear tracks are rarely over 4.5″ wide. Males can have tracks up to 6″ wide. The Black Bear can run up to 35 miles per hour.

Maine Department of Fisheries & Wildlife